• Highest ranked university physics department in the country.
  • QS subject-wise rank 2018: World ranking 251-300
  • Fellows of the Indian Academy of Sciences, Bangalore: 03
  • Fellows of all three academies of science in India: 02
  • Visiting Scientists/Professors at several overseas universities/Institutes: (Univ. of California Santa Barbara, Argonne National Lab (USA), Univ. of Lyon (France), Durham Univ. (UK), Univ. of Marburg, Univ. of Erlangen, HCME Berlin, Kiel Univ., Univ. of Paderborn, GSI (Germany), Yamaguchi Univ. (Japan), Chukalongkorn Univ. (Bangkok), Aarhus Univ. (Denmark), CERN, IAEA)
  • Office bearers of prestigious international bodies
  • Recipients of prestigius international fellowships and projects
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